ABOUT PLANTS Plant Novelties Competition for 2017


Fellow plant growers and producers, 

Join us in the Plant Novelties Competition, organized as part of the International “Green is Life”  Exhibition. 

The competition aims to extensively promote new and interesting varieties of trees, shrubs, vines and perennials. This year once again, the plants will be judged by an international jury. 

Participation in the competition brings a number of benefits associated with the promotion of novelty plant varieties, as well as recognition of the exhibitors and their businesses. Portraits of plants, along with information about the entity that submits a plant in the competition, are posted on Polish Nurserymen Association website and, visited by more than 600 thousand users in April this year alone. New products are promoted in various gardening magazines, also in the form of inserts, as well as via social media. Awards and prizes are conveyed during a ceremonial opening of the exhibition in the presence of numerous Polish and international journalists. The excellent location of the stand that features the novelty plant varieties, ensures that most visitors to the exhibition begin their visit to the fair right from this stand. 

In accordance with the attached competition rules, new varieties mean taxa that are just being brought to production and/or they are being produced in Poland fairly recently, or after a long interruption. Plant varieties submitted in prior Plant Novelties Competitions cannot be the subject of the Competition. Specific requirements and other details, as well as eligibility terms are set forth in the regulations.

The pictures and information about the plants will be provided to the media, also published on the Polish Nurserymen Association website and the exhibition booklet for distribution free of charge during the fair.  Hence, I encourage you to send detailed descriptions and photographs of plants you plan to register.  This means at least two, good quality digital photos in high resolution, with a statement of consent for their publication. These materials will serve to promote the competition plants. Registration of new varieties to the Competition shall take place by means of a Registration Card, completed separately for each variety. When completing the plant description, I encourage you to use the attached table ("Criteria").

Registration cards, along with pictures and related informational materials should be delivered to the office of Polish Nurserymen Association, Al. Jana Pawła II 80 lok.71, 00-175 Warsaw, or by e-mail to: or by fax: 22 435 47 22 wew.113, no later than 3 July 2017 at 23:59. Registrations received after this date will be rejected.

I look forward to your participation in this year’s Plant Novelties Competition, and sharing the excitement of many new and attractive varieties. 

Grzegorz Falkowski



Registration Card .pdf 

Registration Card .docx



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